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Happy Easter!

If you’re not a kangaroo, what are you?



Happy Easter Day

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You wanna paint some eggs? Yeah?

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Happy Easter! 

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- Happy easter guys! 

Rise of the Guardians 

The Bunnymund 

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Today I went to a manga/comic fair in my town and had a great surprise: one stand had httyd merch! Since I’m a derp I waited too long to go get a Toothless and when I went back all the ones they had had been sold, but I still scored a Cloudjumper. YEY

*hasn’t had the heart to tear the wrapping yet*

May you show us the back of the box.I would love to see what is on the back and probably others too :D :P  

Of course! I’d say they added the pictures of the newer toys? I don’t have any other, I can’t tell!

Hey E., I hate you. :p

Is that really the best way to talk to me, T.?

I have a dragon and I’m not afraid to sick it on you

It’s a new collection! ‘Cause the back shows different dragons… now there’s the Bewilderbeast, the Stormcutter and a Skullcrasher…

Need them.

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