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I made a pun

I’m pretty sure this is how the ending to Rise of the Guardians went. It’s how I remember it.

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"For Mama’s warm hand to hold."

With Thanksgiving near, I was struck with Jack and his mother feels (who I named Ellen Overland). So while watching RotG for the 50th thousand times, I noticed you can’t see Jack’s mother’s face. I wondered why that was. I mean, you can see the faces of random kids and his sister, but not her? I think from the deepest parts of Jack’s memories of his mother was possibly her warm touch. After becoming Jack Frost it could be something he misses and remembers the most about her, especially when he tells Baby Tooth “Sorry, all I can do is keep you cold.” After all, a mother’s warmth is something to treasure when you’re a child. 

I’ve gained so much feelings for these two, probably even more than Jack and his sister. I think it’s because there’s so much to explore there between them, especially before Jack’s sister was born. I even have this headcanon that his mother was the one who taught him how to ice skate. While Jack was young and learning, he would constantly fall on the ice. So it’s probably why, even though they were going ice-skating on the lake, she would always tell him to be careful. Why? Because he’s still that little boy she loved and raised who would constantly fall on his butt when he was young. So yeah….-cries-. 

I plan to probably do more fanart of these two together from Jack’s past when the mood strikes me. Oh God, why do I hurt myself?

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rufftoon drew and posted awesome comic pages about rotg and it had panels about jacks reading so i had to draw something real quick about that yeAHHH!!

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Do you like Jelsa? Or ship it? Or hate it? ☺️

I do not ship it. I’m probably gonna hate it if it keeps being so popular… The fact that bothers me A LOT is that the Jack Frost tag doesn’t exist anymore. It’s filled with reposted Jelsa edits and it’s very frustrating.

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Hey!! I read a post saying that you have to wait unti August to watch HTTYD2... so, can that mean you're from Spain? Probably? I'm looking for all the HTTYD fans from there to follow them, so I would be happy if you told me :)

Nope, i live in italy. While in Spain HTTYD2 comes out the first of August, here it’s even worst… August 16th!!! We’re the last who get to watch it! :(. Kill me pls

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-“When you get the hiccups, you try to purposely say “Hiccup” every time”

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